Protect America From Global Threats

America faces a variety of global threats, yet the Democratic Party is too naïve or too weak to tackle them.

China poses the single-most strategic economic, technological, and geopolitical threat to the United States. Bob supports President Trump standing up to Communist China and believes we need new commitments to R&D, science education, electronic and steel production, as well as Navy shipbuilding to ensure that the United States stays ahead of China.

In the Middle East, terrorist groups and rogue regimes continue to chant “Death to America.” Bob believes the Iran deal orchestrated by President Obama was a mistake, and supports President Trump’s withdrawal from the flawed agreement. And he welcomes President’s Trump’s balanced approach between protecting American national security while making sure the country doesn’t get caught up in endless wars.

While President Obama looked to foreign leaders to determine American foreign policy, Bob believes we need to put our interests first and we should never allow international organizations, like the U.N., to dictate U.S. national security policy.